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Vision and Mission




"We aim to create a Switzerland where roundnet is valued as a sport and where everyone has the opportunity to participate. We strive to create a fair, inclusive, and supportive environment for all those involved in our association. Our goal is to present a positive sports image in Switzerland and beyond, and to increase the popularity of roundnet both nationally and internationally."


Our association is committed to creating an environment characterized by mutual respect, fairness, and inclusivity. We aim to create an environment where everyone who is passionate about roundnet is welcome, regardless of personal characteristics such as age, gender, religion, origin, language, physical and mental abilities, as well as political and sexual orientations.

We strive to support and promote the growth of roundnet in Switzerland through the organization of tournaments and the provision of support to clubs. We are committed to promoting a fair and social sport that is accessible to all.

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Structure and Board

To establish Swiss Roundnet as a broadly supported association, all existing clubs in Switzerland were included in its formation. The association's structures were created, and common guidelines and objectives were formulated. On December 30, 2019, the three clubs from Bern, Lausanne, and Zurich jointly founded the national association "Swiss Roundnet". With these three clubs, Swiss Roundnet already covered three of the five largest cities in Switzerland right from the start. More clubs quickly joined, and as an association and as a roundnet nation, we are growing rapidly. The board is elected and confirmed by the delegates' assembly. Each club provides two delegates who carry information from Swiss Roundnet to the clubs and vice versa.


Benjamin Kahler
Co - President


Raul Terradillos
Co - President

Benjamin Kahler
Website and Twitch


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