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Roundnet Club Basel

In the summer of 2020, the trampoline-like game finally made its way to the city at the bend of the Rhine. Shortly thereafter, two International Business Management students founded the Roundnet Club Basel with the goal of supporting the development of the young sport, building a community, and inspiring as many people as possible to participate in the sport.

Instagram: roundnetclubbasel


Roundnet Club Bern

The first Roundnet Club in Switzerland was founded in 2018 by six sports students from the University of Bern. They ushered in a new chapter and an unknown journey in Swiss sports history. The club aims to stay on the cutting edge of the sport and promote interest and fun in the young sport discipline through a local sports program.

Instagram: roundnetclubbern
Facebook: Roundnet Club Bern

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Roundnet Eschenbach

Shortly after a summer vacation with their first intense Roundnet matches in the hot Ayia Napa, four sports enthusiasts from Eschenbach SG founded the Spikeball Eschenbach Association. Almost two years later, the association now runs under the name "Roundnet Eschenbach" in the beautiful Obersee-Linth region. The logo created for the name change excellently symbolizes the modern dynamics of the association.

We are committed to staying current and continuously expanding our local offerings. Professionalism and fairness in sports are important to us. We are delighted to be part of making the sport world-famous in the future, along with the other associations and the "Swiss Roundnet" organization.

Instagram: rneschenbach


Roundnet Genèva (GRNA)

Our story begins in June 2021 in Neuchâtel. We saw a group of people playing a fun looking game in a park, so we went up to them to ask for the name of their sport. We bought a set and started playing for fun every once in a while. About a year later, we realized that the interest for this beautiful game was growing everywhere, but Geneva remained without an official club. Eager to play against worthy opponents and show them our strengths and skills, we founded our own club in August 2022.

Instagram: GenevaRoundnet


Roundnet Langenthal

In the summer of 2020, the new trend sport also began in Oberaargau. One year later, the Roundnet Club was founded by six motivated students. Langenthal - the most average city in Switzerland - is always on the lookout for games, fun, and comparisons with the big cities.


Instagram: roundnetlangenthal


Roundnet Club Lausanne

Roundnet Club Lausanne The Roundnet Club Lausanne was founded in late 2019. Shortly thereafter, the first Roundnet club in French-speaking Switzerland organized the very first indoor Roundnet tournament in Switzerland..

Instagram: roundnetlausanne
Facebook: Roundnet Club Lausanne


Roundnet Club Luzern

"A great group from Luzern had the opportunity to get to know the playful sport of roundnet thanks to relatives and acquaintances from the Roundnet Club Bern. After a few tries in the Badi, a duo from Luzern spontaneously participated in a tournament in Bern in the summer of 2019. When these two returned to Luzern with shining eyes, they not only raved about the sport itself, but also got to talk about this great Swiss roundnet family. This quickly sparked discussions about a possible club in Luzern. We already dreamed of being part of this great movement back then. However, with work and other sports, everyone had a lot on their plate and no one dared to take on this project.

In the spring of 2020, thanks to Covid-19, some people had a bit more free time (one of the few positive effects), which they could dedicate to this somewhat forgotten dream. After some discussions, a potential board of six motivated Luzerners was formed. With them, the "Roundnet Club Luzern" was founded on Tuesday, July 21, 2020. We are looking forward to many great events and games!"



Instagram: roundnet_luzern

Roundnet Club Neuenhof

In the autumn of 2019, a handful of Roundnet enthusiasts in Aargau founded the Roundnet Club Neuenhof. With a lot of joy and passion for the sport, they also want to follow in the footsteps of city dwellers and contribute their part to the cultivation of the Roundnet sport in Switzerland. Determined to shake up the Roundnet scene in Switzerland as a friendly village club, they look forward to all upcoming encounters at the net.

Instagram: roundnetclubneuenhof


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Roundnet Club Pontresina

"The Capricorns from Puntraschigna - The Roundnet Club from the beautiful mountain village of Pontresina has been part of Swiss Roundnet since 2021 and complements the existing urban clubs in Switzerland perfectly. With a lot of enthusiasm and good promotion, we bring the sport to the remote valleys of Graubünden. Hopefully, the interest in Roundnet will continue to grow and so we, in Pontresina, look optimistically towards the future. Roundnet connects, even more than Feldschlösschen."

Instagram: roundnetclubpontresina


Roundnet Schaffhausen

"On a beautiful day at a festival, four young sports enthusiasts fell in love with roundnet. The love for the net accompanied them from then on, culminating in the founding of the club in June 2019. Full of energy, they are committed to spreading the sport of roundnet and look forward to every upcoming match."

Social: roundnet.schaffhausen


Roundnet Club St. Gallen

"In July 2020, four guys from St. Gallen founded the first Roundnet Club in Eastern Switzerland. The previous May, they were introduced to the sport for the first time and were immediately hooked. It's rare to go a week without seeing the guys and their friends spiking on the Kinderfestwiese."

Instagram: roundnetst.gallen



Roundnet Club Thun

The fascination for Roundnet is also making its way into the Bernese Oberland. Since 2020, a colorful group has been meeting occasionally for "Roundnet-Fun," but it was entirely informal and relaxed. As the love for this sport grew, so did the desire to take the playing experience to the next level while still maintaining the laid-back atmosphere. Therefore, four guys finally founded the Roundnet Club Thun in mid-2022 and want to spread the enthusiasm for the sport throughout the entire region.

Mail: HummingbirdsMail
Social: Hummingbirds


Roundnet Club Zürich

Almost a year after the Bernese, the Roundnet Club Zurich was founded. Here, an attorney, two bankers, and three teachers took it upon themselves to spread the sport with great joy. Members of this club claim that it is the best Roundnet club in Switzerland. As you can see, for a Zurich-based club, they are only arrogantly average ;p.

Social: @roundnetclubzurich

St. Gallen
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