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Important steps to found a new Club!

  1. Generate potential members (at least 2 for the founding).

  2. Create statutes (check existing clubs for templates).

  3. Founding meeting

  4. Sign the statutes

  5. Become the greatest club our country has ever seen!


Do you have further questions about founding a club or would you like some assistance?

Contact us:

The most important steps to join the Swiss Roundnet Association:

  1. Get in touch with us e.g. mail to / come play a tournament and chat with us

  2. You'll receive all the infos needed to apply for membership in the association

  3. We'll check your application and current member-clubs will grant admission

  4. You'll receive additional Info and will be welcomed in the greatest community in CH

  5. Generate a club profile over our partner

  6. Organise and play at tournamentS, grow and promote your club and the roundnetsport in our country!

Benefits of joining

As a member of Swiss Roundnet, you benefit from the following services


Access to training materials/
Help with Tournaments

As a member of Swiss Roundnet, you gain exclusive access to a wealth of training exercises, tips, tricks, and so much more. Whether you're looking to refine your techniques, strategize more effectively, or simply stay updated on the latest trends, our membership benefits ensure you're well-equipped for success on the Roundnet court.

On the other site you get help with tournaments with guidelines, nets and balls, seeding and overall questions.

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Training/Trainer development days

As a member of Swiss Roundnet, you have the incredible opportunity to engage with recognized coaches from around the world, participate in specialized training sessions, and attend training days.  These unique experiences, exclusive to our members, allow you to refine your skills, learn from the best, and take your Roundnet game to new heights. Join us today to access this exceptional training and coaching opportunity.

Image by Spikeball

Discount on Roundnet stuff

As a Swiss Roundnet member, you can enjoy exclusive benefits through our sponsor, IQSport. This partnership offers you discounted rates on Roundnet equipment and merchandise, allowing you to gear up for your Roundnet adventures while saving money. IQSport is committed to supporting our members in their pursuit of excellence in the sport, and we're thrilled to pass on these special savings to you. Join us today to take advantage of these fantastic deals and elevate your Roundnet experience with top-quality gear from IQSport."

clubs' contributions

To keep Swiss Roundnet alive, clubs must do the following things:

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Each club must appoint two delegates who represents the club in the association and the annual delegate assembly

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Tournament organisation

Clubs are recommended to organize at least one indoor or outdoor tournament  in the first two years after joining, where they can count on assistance from Swiss Roundnet


Membership fee and Member list

Members of Swiss Roundnet are required to pay their annual membership fee per active member and provide the most up-to-date member list

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