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We're thrilled you're interested in learning about and playing roundnet in your school or workplace! Roundnet is an accessible, engaging sport perfect for everyone, from beginners to seasoned athletes.
Please contact us with your inquiry. We’ll reach out to the clubs that are based near you, so you can discuss your project in detail.
Don’t hesitate contacting us to work out the best workshop or school-lesson you ever had. Join us for a round of Roundnet and discover why the sport is so engaging.


What we have offered in the past:

Teambuilding Workshops:
Boost your team's morale with our Roundnet workshop. What’s better than learning a new sport to break the ice, 
foster teamwork and having a great time.

School Workshops:
Workshops to introduce students (or your teacher-team) to this new, dynamic sport. See also - Roundnet

Exclusive Equipment Offers for schools:

Thanks to our partnership with IQ-Sport, we offer special deals on Roundnet equipment for schools. Let us help you decide on the best suiting equipment for your school or lend equipment and give it back after some weeks, so it doesn't cramm your school while you're not using it.



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