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After having played over 200 games between 52 teams, on 16 Nets, all on 1 lawn, in one long day, we proudly crowned our very first swiss roundnet champions:

Cat Open: RCB Spikeleeks (Carlo Engel + Luc Moor) Cat Women: RCB Kalibri (Anna Lea Schindler + Carole Gassner)

Congratulation once again, we are so very proud of you! Thanks for being such inspiring players that didn’t just win the tournament, but also had a big part in organizing it, and lastly, on game-day, didn’t just keep up with their staff duties but made sure that everyone enjoyed the day as part of our swiss roundnet community.

A warm congrats also to all other participants that travelled from over 9 Cantons to our capital city to compete in the biggest roundnet tournament in Switzerland yet. You all played a lot of thrilling matches under the burning sun, battling for every single point without loosing the mindset of fair play and companionship. Thanks for the good vibes during the whole day, no matter if you were from Neuenhof with your biiiig drum (and biiiiggg party mentality), Messen with their Purple shirts and colorful sunglasses (love your shirts, do you guys have a merch shop?), Basel for showing the rest of Switzerland what girlpower means (their club was solely founded and led by women), Schaffhausen for suprising all of us (their best team finished 6th in cat open), Luzern for teaching us to spell your name correctly (it’s Lozärn with an o at the beginning, and a smile at the end), Zürich for shouting Zürich a couple of times (loudly…), Lausanne for adding some coolness and shade (loved your laid back attitude and without your tents everybody would have got sunburned), and St. Gallen for being there even though your not part of the association yet (YET in capital letters). Last but not least thank you Roundnet Club Bern for playing such a big role not only in the organization of the tournament but also in the development of the sport and our community in Switzerland. Thanks for taking on the role as pioneer and letting the other clubs develop in your “wind shadow”, thanks for sharing your expertise in training, carrying out tournaments, and also for letting us use so much of your gear during the swiss champs, but mostly for being such a big role model in building and also carrying about all members of all the clubs in our community. Congrats to the success of your teams in the first Swiss Roundnet Championships (9 of the 20 Best teams in Switzerland are teams from RCB). But have a look yourself, here’s the ranking:


Cat. Women

1 RCB Kalibri Anna Lea Schindler Carole Gassner

2 RCB We Match! Hannah Meier Svenja Kunz

3 RCB Stracciatella Livia Oechslin Sina Reimann

4 Mama Moni Ramona Caiazza Eva Schnarwyler

5 Herzschlag Lisa Fruet Vivienne Nenz

6 z Füfi & z Weggli Steffi Rieder Laura Tschenett

7 The Unknowns Nina Balzer Flavia Rinert

8 Rundpingis Alena Fritzsche Deborah Fritzsche

9 Avocaditas Maja Eres Vanadis Schenk

10 Vienna calling Chiara Németh Noémie Bürgin

11 Stöckis Nora Kunz Noemi Heim

12 Die Gummibierchenbande Laura Bugliani Manuela Rebelo

Cat. Open

1 RCB Spikeleeks Carlo Engel Luc Moor

2 RCB Drü Ramon Felix Merlin Baumeler

3 RCL Lords Of The Rims Larry Carrel Joris Vautier

4 RCB Brochets Stee Müller David Howald

5 RCL American frühstuck Morax Robin Morax Léo

6 Hakuna Matata Roman Peter Benjamin Kahler

7 los lecos locos Serafin Rieser Elias Bieri

8 no pain no brot Eric Thalmann Daniel Loosli

9 Toxic Foxes SG Micha Felix Simon Huber

10 Bouncers Yvan Kalbermatten Melchior Steimen

11NaleśnikiMaciej MalczykSimone Haab12GrüniGangFranco MüllerJonas Augsburger13pocket acesJonas EigenmannLuc Bürki14Roundnet Schaffhausen 1Fabian BaiYannik Ezekwu15RCL Grand-BiolayKarim ZerikaLeny Curty16Flätter WätterRaul TerradillosAndreas Näf17RC Messen Knights “Hitparade”Marco SpielmannMartin Iseli18DenkpauseAdrian LoosliNicolas Thalmann19HawaiianTimo ManhartRobin Schwery20UrcelUeli SteimenMarcel Niederberger21Kept AliveStéphane VuilleumierLuc Gurtner22Lozärner GrashüpferTimo BaumelerDimitri Kuhn23RCL CrazyspikersKevin RosianuIsmaël Meyer24MeinisbergJoël KüpferPascal Wohlmuth25Die GebrüdersYannick SchibliRaphael Schibli26FahnediebeLukas BöhlerDavid Weibel27RCN AllmendstersNico CavalliniFlorian Frei28Les InjouablesDano PezziBenjamin Vaucher29HerrgöttliLuca CaduffBenedikt Gruntz30Solid InvalidCédéric RohrbachRenato Kälin31The NiceguysFabian FuchsFlavio Hürsch32Die UnterhopftenKevin BenzPatrick Javet33RC Messen Knights “Rund & nett”Olivier KnüselSven Schneider34RC Messen Knights “Spickbuebe”Yannick SchluepRobin Scheidegger35RCL PanachéFannyFrédéric36team.centerTobias TruschMichael Nobs37RC Messen Knights “Netrollers”Lukas MeisterMario Hofer38RCL Shakalaka Boom BoomGönenç BengisunTom Suwannamai39RC Messen Knights “Flättere Baller’s”Simon SchluepKevin Stauffer40Listige LurchAaron SteffenBenno Kuhn


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Think you can do better than our champions (or just want to be part of the fun) ? Here you find the next tournaments to play (#seeyouthere):

In the name of Swiss Roundnet Raul


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