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Men Category fully booked after 30 Minutes 🔥

Dear Swiss Roundnet Community Wow! 🤩 We are overwhelmed by your interest and motivation on the first Masters Tournament taking place in Lucerne on the 5.6.21.

We understand that most of you can’t wait any longer to spend a day in the national community sharing good moments around our sport, showing of your new skills and finally competing against Roundnetters of other Clubs again! 💪

For all the men teams that didn’t have time at 12.00 to apply for this tournament, I don’t have to explain that Swiss Roundnet didn’t expect that spots would be gone faster than the vaccination appointments available in February…🚀 While the drive and number of people in the community is increasing, let’s not forget that there will be more Masters and specially also more regular tournaments and events to play this year, even if we have to stay with the provisionally 32 spots limitation. As already stated, because of the cancellation of the Roundnet Worldchampionship 2021, this Masters Series will be held as a test run. Corresponding to that be sure that we’re trying to implement our findings of this situation as fast as possible in events to come.

For those lucky one’s that got one of the 32 spost: Please bear in mind the Tournament Guidelines.

- The Masters Series is designed to select the Swiss Roundnet National Team. It is based on 3 Master tournaments and the Finals. Tickets for the finals are distributed to the top 4 men and top 2 women teams of each Masters.

- Only teams consisting of players who are also eligible to play for Switzerland at the World Championships are admitted participating to Masters and Finals

- Tickets can only be won as a team. If a player wins Tickets with different partners, he must decide with which partner he wishes to compete in the finals. The other ticket expires and is passed on to the next best team.

- The finals are played on the 31. July 2021 in Neuenhof

(see full Swiss Roundnet Tournament Guidelines bellow)

In the womens category there are still spots open! We hope that they will be taken too, as soon as possible.

We are looking forward seeing you in Lucerne 🤗

The Master's Thesis by Carlo Engel

Title: Analysis of the Trend Sport Roundnet in Switzerland and Development of Action Strategies for the Swiss Roundnet Association. Carlo Engel's master's thesis dives deep into the world of Roundnet


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