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🔥BoomBall Tournament 🔥


Most rallies start with a boomball, so why not start with one?! 
As a spectator, spectacular rallies are the most interesting thing. Sure, a no touch ace once in a while is nice to watch, but the rallies is what gets the hearts going. The same applies to players, while acing or beeing aced focuses on individual abilities, it's the rallies that you win with your partner, that excites us the most. So let's give serveballers a new challenge and start with a BOOM!


Bildschirmfoto 2024-07-11 um 16.21.30.png



Line-up before the serve:
Green (serving team): freely selectable
Red: A At the serving circle from Green A
Red: B Serving arget area

The Serve (the Boomball) and recieve

Green A: Serves. The player announces the score before serving and makes sure everyone is ready. The serve must be a Boomball, therefore it has to be played into the net and over the head of the  "blocker" of the opposing team. The serve must land in the target area. Balls coming out of the net can bounce once on the floor, before the opposing team decides to play it. 
   - If the serve is ruled a fault. There is no second serve.
   - Green serves. The ball's first contact after the net is the floor next to the target area.  -->  point for team red (even if second bounce is in the target area)
   - Green serves to low (no Boomball). A Serve is considered to low if Red A can touch the ball, while standing on his/her/their position. --> point for team red  
   - Green serves. The Ball would land outside the target area but Red B touches the ball beforehand. Ball is considered in play. (if the Ball would go very far without Red B catching it, Red B can opt. to shouting "out" before catching the ball directly, making clear that the ball won't be played)
   - Green serves. The Ball's first contact is the floor of the target area. Ball is considered in play, and red must try to return it. If they can't -> point green  (second bounce of the ball can also be outside the target area)


Serving Cycle:

After the first Point is played. Red A and Red B change their positions and Green A serves to the target Area (to Red A this time).
Afterwards, Red A serves one serve to each Green player (Green can choose who wants to recieve first).
Afterwards, Green B serves to the Red Players in the same order as Green A did.
Afterwards, Red B serves to the Green Players in the same order as Red A did. 
After each player served two times, the serving cycle begins again.

A game is played to 9 points (with at least two points difference). If the score is 8 : 8, the game goes into tie brake mode and has to be won with 2 points difference.

Green A starts with one serve to red B (like starting a new Serving cycle). But now the serving cycle jumps to the next player. 
Red A, serves his/her two serves like before to Green A and B (same order as before) and the serving cycle continues as before.

After the receive:
After the receive, most of the roundnet rules apply, with the follwing changes: 
- Balls coming out of the net can bounce once on the floor, before the opposing team decides to play it. 
- The 2nd contact of a team after the ball has come out of the net, has to be played directly (the ball is not allowed to bounce on the floor prior to it). This rule also applies to "soft touches"

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